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       The Bible Extract
                a Rally of Contradictions
               to Traditions and the World History
                                                  based on
               Crude Extract of Bible Scripture

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Unique Book

This is the first book in history, dealing with the original concept of Bible. There are many other books called Bible contradictions. This is not of that type. This book is contradictions to traditions in the light of Bible. An ardent reader can see many entirely new things in it.

Wonderful Book

When reading this book, most people really wonder. It appears that their own bible is changed from the earlier readings. They could not really believe their own sense.

Bible Bible Bible everywhere Bible, there are people quoting the complete Bible, without knowing its real meaning. What they mean is not seen from any of the versions of Bible. It is followed as traditions and imitated as others doing without knowing its real meaning. These inherited blind beliefs formed many traditions. In actual practice the world does not know the plain language in Bible or what Bible really mean.

Depthful Book

This book deals with many subjects at a time, which demands multiple reading. Some parts of of the book can be expanded to many books.

The whole world history is founded by Bible

The history in some parts of the world induced changes in other parts of the world in due course of time. The Bible is the world history founder and leader for the last five thousand years. Countries, without even glimpse of Bible or opponents, are also ardent followers of Bible but unknowingly. All persons in the world are following Bible also the Bible follows everybody in the world, without their own knowledge. There are various interpretations for it, but to realize the facts, one must understand the Bible in its real sense. Bible tells a history rather than religious faith and it is the root and route cause of present history. It is an important book for everybody in the world esp. for truth seekers. The Bible has a history part and a religious part. The most important historical part is ignored by the history, and only religious part that of homage and offering is only considered.

Informative Book

For realizing the meaning of life, we must study different types of history to understand how much the world has progressed or how the world is going on. The life of persons or society is part of history. The history give information for future task. For that purposes study of history and bible is inevitable. Religion is only a part of history.

Book of contradictions

It is found that what churches are taught are many things added, many things missing and what is found is not as seen and mean in it. When we learn Bible logically with cross references, and also considering history of the world, each and every script in the Bible fit in the history without any need of beliefs, where starts the rally of contradictions to  traditions for what is misinterpreted by Bible teachers and followers by additions, avoiding, and misinterpretations

The real meaning of Bible can be got only by the basis of verse in Revelation 22:18 ie. without anything adding to, or avoiding from  Bible. Then what ever it is, it is it. Interpretations must fit in cross reference within all parts of Bible and considering real history.

Systems in history still existing in the world such as:

property ownership and Land lord-slavery system

The first part of Genesis deals with starting of established Land-Lord slavery system in the world, with this written scripture as if got from the God father.


Socialism was first taught by the serpent in Genesis 3:5. By that started the first struggle against Land-Lords by slaves, wanted equality.


Constitutional laws written in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy form the prototype of written constitution all over the world.


There is mentioning for the appointment of magistrates and judges in the Bible.

Lawyers were priests also. 


Priesthood was started very early in history. However starting of established priesthood is described in Leviticus. It was established with the help of scripture. Earlier war was conducted by god so that it was religious. Priests were warriors during the time of wars and the rest of the time they were giving homage to God. Some priests were lawyers because law was said as made by god. Kings were Christ appointed by God.

warriors and regiments

Established warriors and regiments is dealt in Numbers.


The constitutional laws made by Moses were misused the Levite priests in due course. Jesus first made another system with equality for the twelve races, which is now known as democracy. Present democracy actually is not democracy. It is party-cracy. Firstly an election is conducted in the party office and then the approval of a particular party is only determined through an election so that it is not democracy. Ruling is done by a party. Not a person elected by the public.

Semitic gods introduced various ideological ---'isms

 Due to the application of many types of governing systems starting from monopoly, autocracy, emperor, king, feudalism, Army, public etc., innumerable ideologies were formulated in due course of time. These governing systems are only a continuation of the robbing system in the Semitic scripture. An efficient system is not yet developed in the world. It means the development in the world is Semitic and destructive only appears as constuctive.

Modern science emerged from the after effects of Bible history.

Governing system in the bible was started by war and invasions. Means of purification of robbed wealth was prescribed in Numbers 31 21-24. There were got writings containing searched knowledge were got as robbed wealth for which no prescribed means of purification was applicable. Another means of purification was automatically developed as re-search which is searching again and documenting. From which arose re-new-science (renaissance) and re-formation.

Present Christian faiths, traditions and teachings are not based on Bible or Jesus Christ, but based on teachings of St. Paul the opponent of Jesus and real Christians.

The teachings of Jesus is fully based on Old Testament, for bringing it to perfection but Paul taught against Old Testament. For that wrong teaching, the Jews converted to Christians caught Paul to kill him. Acts 21 20 Acts 21 27-30. He was escaped from assassination due to the interruption of a centurion. Acts 21 31-36, Acts 22 22-24. And then fully escaped by the use of court system. Acts 22 to Acts 28. He escaped to Rome, there founded the foundation stone on sand against foundation stone on Peter.

The origin of different types of Churches or diversions were started during the time of Paul. 1 Corinthians 1 11-13. Up to 2500 types of different traditions and commented in many ways for special purposes so that there are 6000 versions or misinterpreted Bibles for the only Bible.

About Knox Version

The original Bible Old testament was written in Hebrew and New Testament in Greek which was said as translated by St. Jerome is called "Latin vulgate". An English Bible was translated in the light of the Hebrew and Greek originals by Knox. It was authorized by hierarchy of England, Whales and Scotland. It was signed by cardinal Griffin. When cross referencing the verses logically fit each other in this version rather than isolated meaning in other versions which formed to beliefs. The Bible extract is a book prepared by most quoting from this book to realize Bible in its real sense without any need of beliefs or "learn to believe" as done by the apostles.

Inside the book

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