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       The Bible Extract
                a Rally of Contradictions
               to Traditions and the World History
                                                  based on
               Crude Extract of Bible Scripture


The Bible is a collection of books from B.C. 3000 to A.D. 5 or near by. There is indication in Bible that most of them are re-written from other collections. Early it was written on goat's skin and made as scrolls. It was written in Hebrew language. It is the history of establishment of kingdom of Israel. That kingdom was undergone under slavery. The leaders of that time was called prophets. In that period, prophet John attempted to restore the dominion of Israel. Jesus followed him. That history is recorded as New Testament, while its the early history as Old Testament. New Testament was written in Greek language. The language of Jesus was Aramaic.

Both these Testaments were Translated by St. Jerome to Latin and it is called Latin Vulgate.

St. Jerome.



You may search the web with key words St. Jerome and latin Vulgate

To know about st.Jerome


Mgr. Ronald Arbuthott Knox translated this Latin Vulgate to Old English comparing it with Hebrew and Greek originals. It is authorized by Hierarchy of England, Whales and Scotland.  It is signed by Cardinal Griffin.

In this Bible, the verses in one place agree with other verses. Its foot notes indicate the Hebrew and Greek meaning of some particular terms, which are very important.

This version is called Knox version.







You may get Knox version of the bible from those who have Old collections or from seminaries.

Different books were said as compiled by Roman Emperor Constantine to form Catholic Edition. The verses were numbered.

There were very old Bible for Eastern Churches most of them were destroyed during inquisition period.

Different Churches were diverted from Roman Catholic Church. Some books called Apocrypha were avoided; the rest is the same.

Many of the books not included in the Bible were got from near river Nile called Nag Hammadi and from near Dead sea.

They are available in the web site. Search with keywords Nag Hammadi Dead sea scrolls.

They can be got from

Gospel of Judas from National Geographic Society

Gospel of Thomas from Nag Hammadi library

Gospel of Mary Magdalene

Gospel of Nicodemus

The lost Bible



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