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       The Bible Extract
                a Rally of Contradictions
               to Traditions and the World History
                                                     based on
               Crude Extract of Bible Scripture



There are plenty of questions left unanswered in ordinary life of almost all eager people. Most of them can be answered by studying this book. But as all persons are in different concepts, they may not understand it after a first reading. That can be solved easily by asking questions to the author through email. The answers of the questions will be published in this web as frequently asked questions.

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Q: Through the book "The Bible Extract A rally of contradictions" are you stating that you only know Bible, and the rest of the world do not know Bible? We have also read Bible and many persons even know Bible without help of the text.

A: I do not state that I only know Bible. There are only very rare persons who know Bible as it is. The religious people are followers of traditions only; not followers of Bible. The traditional teachings and the real content of the Bible oppose each other. What is taught traditionally are not found in Bible, or different from Bible. The Bible was abundant only from sixteenth century. The traditional teachings originated from Paul, who was a fraud apostle and chief priest, appointed by himself. He was not appointed by Jesus, or authorized by other apostles, but opponent of apostles of Jesus. His teachings oppose the teachings of Jesus. His teachings are followed as traditions.

There are people teaching Bible without the help of the text, or saying the exact chapter number verse number and verses, yet they interpret meaning in a particular context that do not fit in other parts of Bible.


Q: The authorities of Bible say that the Old testament, particularly its first part is myth. Then what is the use of this myth for all other persons than Christians?

A: Actually the Bible tells an ancient history. It is not a book of a particular religion, because all persons in the world follow Bible history without their own knowledge. The Bible is the most misinterpreted book in the world so that practically nobody could understand the real meaning of Bible. What is plainly written in Bible is in plain local language of ancient civilians. The whole world could not follow that local language. It is very simple, informative, logical, fitting in history, fitting even in the present time.

The first part of Bible deals with landlord-slavery system established in the word. It is not a myth. Innumerable ideologies were originated and established in the world by following this written history. They are not only dealing with a particular religion.

The whole New Testament is founded on Old Testament, then if Old Testament is myth, then automatically New Testament also become myth. It is not so.


Q:  The Bible can be interpreted in many ways, in different meaning, then why you indicated that your interpretations are only correct?

A: Surely Bible can be interpreted in many ways. Almost all interpretations do not fit in the overall meaning of Bible. When we look almost all interpretations along with the verses in the Bible, they have no similarity of meaning. At least the meaning of words and sentences in a language must be taken into consideration for reading and interpretations.

Most of the interpretations are with some additions or substations to the Bible. Not only for Bible, for any book, it is not appropriate to add or subtract and express a different idea. In the Bible itself it is warned in

revelation 22 :18 To all who hear the words of prophecy the book contains, I give this warning. If anyone adds to them, God will add to his punishment the plague which this book threatens; and if anyone cancels a word in this book of prophecy, God will cancel his share in the book of life, in the holy city, in all that the book promises.

The Bible extract and the interpretations are prepared fully based on Bible, fit anywhere in Bible and also fit in the history of the world.





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