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     Sustain Biosphere            Sustain Biosphere Series  
       The Bible Extract
                a Rally of Contradictions
               to Traditions and the World History
                                                  based on
               Crude Extract of Bible Scripture



In the vast universe, life on earth is an astonishing phenomenon. The biosphere has innumerable phenomena and biodiversity. The life on earth is grand total of life-spirit of all living beings in the world. Human race was a late comer on earth, and argues they have intelligence. They claim that they are controlling nature. But actually what is happening is digging there’s own grave. The biosphere is undergoing degradation due to the misuse of nature by the human race only. The biological equilibrium is lost. The ridiculing by humans "Like Garland got to monkeys" may reversely say by monkeys as "Like biosphere got to humans"

This book is the first of the three books of Sustain Biosphere Series. It means that the books deals with the sustainability of living beings. The first book deals the history part of destruction of nature for the last five thousand years.

Ancient hermits of Bharatham have predicted that, human race will do against what is to be done. Even though human race have many claims, they are all got from nature only. When abilities are increasing in one side weakness is also growing in the other side. The weakness is claimed as abilities. However human race is working as insects and worms of nature, with modern facilities. This is by eating multiplying and subduing earth. This process of physical development for the fulfillment of egos leads to destruction of nature, all what earned are only momentary, by degrading what was eternal and essential existence of life on earth. It is also a natural phenomenon in the universe. It has a gunam called Thamogunam. If human race were intelligent and wise, they would not have been undergoing to this phenomenon by their own foolishness and abilities. Their abilities are their own destructive means.

Ancient hermits of Bharatham had waned of it and had prescribed other two means - Rajogunam and Satwagunam - for the means of equilibrium of nature, which the stupid human race did not attend.

Information of these three means of equilibrium are intended to be prepared in a series of three triversified, trinity gunams of nature.

Thamogunam, Rajogunam, and Satwagunam. 

This is the first book of the series which deals with the primary natural way happening in nature for its sustainability

Sustain biosphere series

            Book 1 The Bible Extract.                                    Thamogunam or asuram

It is the followed history of type of destruction of nature by modern world. It is the first natural way, coming into action in nature to sustain nature. That is creation after destruction of the created.

The second book is hybrid of ancient and modern for sustaining nature.

            Book 2 JaivorjaThanthram (Organic Physics).     Rajogunam or manusham

It is the combination of ancient wisdom and modern science dealing with the physics of organisms; To sustain nature.

And the third book is  The wisdom of MahaRishis - Dharmam - What must have been done by humans in co-ordination with eternal for the existence of nature.

            Book 3 VedaVedangaVedanthaSangraham.   Sathwagunam or devam

It is the extract of wisdom taught by ancient hermits - MahaRishis. The Dharmam type of functions to sustain nature.

About the author

Thomas M.K, Muttappillil, Kuravilangad P.O. India 686633

Age 53, single,  MSc Physics (course completed), Self studied many subjects including Most modern subjects and ancient Indian Veda, Vedaanga, Vedaantham.

Self employed, doing Mechanical, Electrical, electronic, and computer works and, an environmental activist. I was an ardent believer in Christianity; but in due course some conflicts were seen. I could find that what I was taught by Christians is not found in Bible. The followers say that they have faith, they say without studying Bible in its real sense and only a traditional imitation, with additions of ambitions and fancies. For becoming a sincere Christian, I studied Bible in its real sense for about sixteen years, and full time six years, the notes gradually became this book. Messages of experience from the unseen world gave its perfection. They lived in that hope but could not find what was offered.


Inside the book

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