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        Book Physical            Sustain Biosphere Series  
       The Bible Extract
                a Rally of Contradictions
               to Traditions and the World History
                                                  based on
               Crude Extract of Bible Scripture



Book Physical

Category History / religion

Size 22.3 cm x 16.1 cm x 1.9 cm

Pages 552

Paper semi-glazed

Weight 525 gms.

Paper back

ISBN 978-81-7525-900-3

U.S.D. 30.00

India Rs 400.00

History / Religion

Published by the Author


Sustain Biosphere Publications

Sustain Biosphere Series Book 1

Copy Right  Author

All Rights reserved

Printed in India by the publishers

First published in October 2007

First edition Print April 2010

                                    Front cover


Inside the book

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